Author Topic: Tutorial: How to clean your GBA carts.  (Read 2766 times)

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Tutorial: How to clean your GBA carts.
« on: 14/Aug/2014 12:58:27 AM »
Let’s clean those old video games!

You will need the following items:

1. a game cartridge to clean. I chose to use a Game Boy Advanced but any old cartridge will work.
2. A video game cleaning solution.
3. A non-aggressive cleaning device. I will be using a foam disk.
These disks can be found as packing devices placed into spindles of blank DVD’s

4. You will need a non-violent way of opening your cartridge.
Today I will use my Tri-wing driver.
5. You’ll also want to have a game system that is capable of reading your clean cartridge.

Open your cartridge as shown. Grab your Tri-wing driver and loosen the screw.
Once the screw is removed, you will need to slide the front and back; gently, up and down.
Squirt two drops of the solution onto a foam disk.

Step two: fold the disk in half over the contact points of the cartridge.

Step three: Wipe the contact points vigorously until they are a nice, shiny, golden surface.

Step four: Replace the chip into it’s cartridge after ensuring that it is dry.

Step five: Insert screw back into cartridge and tighten until it has been fastened.

Step six: Enjoy!

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