Author Topic: GameGear size is wrong  (Read 2021 times)

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GameGear size is wrong
« on: 29/May/2015 03:53:39 PM »
I have some gamegear carts and it seems to have difficulty detecting the size. I have 3 carts:
Cart A 256 kb
Cart B 512 kb
Cart C > 256 kb, might be 512 kb.

Ive successfully dumped Cart A and the Cart B at one time. My third cart is new and ive been trying to dump with no success. It always comes back as 256 kb dump. The working Cart A is always working, the Cart B is also now only reporting 256 kb and comparing to the good dump i have it is in fact the correct half of the rom.

gg and forcesize dont work as seem to be confirmed with this thread:,247.0.html

I resoldered my connector in case some pin was lose, but still the same result.
Ive tried forcing sms at 4 mbit, but that doesnt work.
Im out of ideas.