Author Topic: GameBoy Camera ROM fails to load, Savefile is also not detected as such  (Read 2922 times)

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Good evening everyone,

today I received the GBx Plugin and tried to backup my GameBoy Camera's save file right away.

However, neither the ROM works in BGB which is capable of running the 'game' usually nor does the save file which gets read as SRM file.

I wonder if someone can confirm this and possibly even come up with a solution to this.

Note: I've updated the Retrode2's firmware to the latest beta which is supposedly Retrode2-v0.18d-beta according to the website, using dfu-programmer, before that I also tried 0.18c but this one didn't work either.

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Have you tried any other games to see whether they were working? Not sure the GB Camera is compatible yet. :(

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I once managed to extract a camera image from the save file - there are tools for reading those. Running the ROM in an emulator is likely not going to work due to missing special hardware.

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