Author Topic: How to dump a gameboy camera?  (Read 2399 times)

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How to dump a gameboy camera?
« on: 29/Mar/2016 08:03:47 AM »
Heya guys! I was looking to dump a gold gameboy camera and the SRAM for it just to keep a backup of the pictures, but no matter what I do it only dumps files that all read FF FF FF FF etc.
Any idea what it's doing this? Without forcing system detection to GBOY it doesn't even see the camera I just get genericrominsegaslot?

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Re: How to dump a gameboy camera?
« Reply #1 on: 31/Mar/2016 12:51:24 PM »
GBCamera should work, at least it once did on my development unit using functionality that has since been merged into standard firmware. Misdetection, genericrom[etc] may be due to dirt. I always found that GB carts required particularly thorough scrubbing with cleaning alcohol, which for GB is only really possible with the cartridge shell opened. If you don't have a matching screwdriver, just make one by melting some piece of plastic (ballpen cap or so) and firmly pressing it onto the screw while hot.

To extract images from SRM file, you'll need an external tool like GBCamera Dump.

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