Author Topic: SNES Games Being Shown as Differenty File?  (Read 1482 times)

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SNES Games Being Shown as Differenty File?
« on: 24/Dec/2017 05:57:58 AM »
Hey Everyone,

I'm working on messing around with a few of my older SNES cartridges, testing them out to make sure they still work, and I've gotten a few carts that are showing the ROMs as something completely different than I've normally seen.  The files are showing up as 2600Cartridge.a26 file.  So far, it's only been a few of the games that have done, and I'm hoping that the issue will go away once I spend more time cleaning the pins.  Has anyone else seen this before?  Is it really an issue with dirty connectors or is it something else?  For reference, the games that have been doing this so far are Mortal Kombat, The Great Circus Mystery Staring Mickey and Minnie, and Batman Returns.


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Re: SNES Games Being Shown as Differenty File?
« Reply #1 on: 27/Dec/2017 08:34:23 PM »
SNES detection comes before Atari detection.  The Retrode is not finding a valid SNES header for the carts.  Dirty pins can cause this problem.

You can modify the Config file to force it to read the cart as SNES.  Change the [forceSystem] setting from "auto" to "snes".  Check the file to see what data the Retrode is reading from the cart.  Compare it against a No-Intro dump of the same cart.

Good Luck!