Author Topic: N64 with SRAM lose save files after disconnecting.  (Read 212 times)

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N64 with SRAM lose save files after disconnecting.
« on: 22/Jun/2019 06:03:34 PM »
Hello everybody.

I have recently gotten a retrode 2 a few months ago, but I seem be having trouble with losing save data on N64 games that use SRAM. When initially connect the cartridge to my computer, the save data is there, and I'm even able to dump it and load it in project64 in most cases, but no matter what I do the save data is gone once I disconnect the device. I've tried other cartridges that use different save methods and they all seem to manage to retain their save data after using them with the retrode.
Here's what I've tried specifically so far:

Harvest Moon 64, Super Smash Bros, Mario Golf
I'm able to dump the save files from these cartridges and load them on Project64, but they always lose their data after disconnecting. They retain their save data otherwise, it only happens after connecting to the retrode.

Bomberman 64, Bomberman 64: Second Attack, Bomberman Hero, Mischief Makers
I'm able to dump the save files and load them on Project64. Save files were maintained after disconnection. In the case of Bomberman Hero and Mischief Makers, I was even able to write a different EEPROM file onto the cartridge and have them work on my N64 console.

16Kbit EEPROM:
Yoshi Story:
Dumped, loaded, and maintained save file no problem.

Pokemon Snap and Majora's Mask
Haven't been able to get the save files to work on Project64 yet, so I don't know if the dumping actually worked, but these games at least kept their saves after disconnection.

I'm using FW .25a-beta.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: N64 with SRAM lose save files after disconnecting.
« Reply #1 on: 11/Sep/2019 03:29:30 PM »
Gosh you have me worried. So far I had only been backing up saves that used either eep or flash until I tried backing up my smash bros the other day and found the save wiped when I inserted it back into the N64, which made me think the battery had died on me. So I guess sram saving isn't working properly as of the most recent version?

Maybe there should be a warning to users to avoid putting in games like Ocarina of Time then, or some will flip when they lose their save.