Author Topic: Instruction UPDATE for Mac OS X Retrode firmware upgrade  (Read 3448 times)

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Hi Guys, First post!! Nice to be here with the Retro enthusiasts.

Just wanted to clue you guys in on an nice way for Mac OS X users.

Homebrew (
Retrode Device (Obviously)
1. Go to Terminal and type "brew install dfu-programmer" (Without quotes) let homebrew install that sucker for you. No mess!
2.Connect Retrode and disconnect any other flashable AFR devices (if you have any - Stolen from BryanC's guide)
3. Hold Down the HWB button ( this is the button closest to the SNES port). While holding this button press the reset button then let go of the HWB Button.
4. Run these commands in Terminal (If you have no idea where that is its in Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
dfu-programmer at90usb646 get product-revision (If no device present then try Step 3 again)
dfu-programmer at90usb646 erase
dfu-programmer at90usb646 flash /path/to/retrode/firmware.hex

Your Retrode is now upto date!