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Title: Crazy SA-1 idea
Post by: Muzer on 05/Jan/2012 01:41:15 AM
Assuming it's not possible to emulate the SNES lockout chip with some sort of firmware (why would it be?), what about this crazy idea - would it be possible for one to wire up a real SNES lockout chip for the necessary region from a dead SNES to the respective pins on the cartridge slot so that it will talk to the chip on the game? Or is this completely impractical/impossible?

Thinking about it, I'm guessing you'd have to give it a clock, and also come up with a way to reset it with exactly the right timing... that could prove difficult. But would it be possible, in your expert opinion?
Title: Re: Crazy SA-1 idea
Post by: Matthias_H on 08/Jan/2012 12:17:28 PM
I've tried to wire up a SuperCIC to an SA-1 cart, but without luck. The SA-1 expects a weird combination of different clocks, which I haven't quite wrapped my head around yet.
Title: Re: Crazy SA-1 idea
Post by: Ryan on 10/Jan/2012 09:20:26 AM
You might want to come and inquire about things at the forums. We have plenty of people working on it there and I am sure they'd be able to help you understand how things work on the SNES and such so that you could get things like SA-1 working. Byuu of BSNES would also probably be able to help you a lot, but he no longer works on Snes9x. You'd have to contact him at his own site.