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Title: Congrats eta237!
Post by: rĂ­omhaire on 08/Dec/2012 11:08:53 AM
I'm pretty surprised to see my favourite entry for the contest ( won considering it only got 3 votes. Then again, every single vote cast was probably by friends of the people who made the contest. I'd be happier if I had won, but oh well. Congratulations to everyone!
Title: Re: Congrats eta237!
Post by: Matthias_H on 05/Jan/2013 04:20:27 PM
Well, here we have a situation of terrible awkwardness. Turns out I produced a cut-and-paste glitch copying winners over to the announcement post. The jury winner is, in fact, LeGrosPixel. My sincere apologies to eta237 for the false hope; he himself pointed me to the mistake. I'll see how I can make up for the mishap.