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Title: Remapping the buttons?
Post by: ICEknight on 24/Aug/2016 06:17:15 PM
I have connected a Mega Drive 6-button pad to the Retrode and these seem to be the internal button mappings:

Is there some way for me to remap the assigned buttons of a specific controller port (with a different configuration for SNES and MD) so that, for example, they can match these settings when using the Mega Drive one?

This would greatly simplify things when unplugging another kind of controller and then plugging the Retrode.

Title: Re: Remapping the buttons?
Post by: Wannado on 25/Sep/2016 05:37:42 PM
Are you requesting that the built-in button mappings should map similar (function/name) buttons to the same index, for example as in the table below?

I currently don't have time to look into this more deeply, but I'll keep your post bookmarked and get back to it after finishing my work on the open-source release and the NES plug-in.

Still, everybody feel free to discuss the feature here. :)
Title: Re: Remapping the buttons?
Post by: ICEknight on 06/Feb/2018 02:31:24 PM
Is this feature still being considered? It would be really nice to be able to switch from a regular PC controller to the Retrode joystick ports without having to remap the buttons every time.

Just adding custom MD and SNES button mappings to the Retrode's config file could do the trick.
Title: Re: Remapping the buttons?
Post by: Wannado on 04/Mar/2018 11:42:41 PM
Sorry, while I still have this thread bookmarked, I don't know if and when I will contribute to the firmware again.

But maybe someone else might implement this. So if I understand you correctly now, you're asking for a config option that enables you to assign the buttons to different positions in the list.

First idea: Listing the button positions for Start Mode A B C X Y Z in that order.
The configuration from your first screenshot would look like this:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] 3 2 1 0 4 6 5 7And for the second screenshot:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] 6 7 2 0 1 3 5 4
Second idea: Listing the buttons in the requested order (first = button 0, last = button 7), using the letter S for Start and M for Mode/Select:
First screenshot:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] BAMSCYXZSecond screenshot:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] BCAXZYSM
Is that what you're asking for? Which idea do you like better?
Title: Re: Remapping the buttons?
Post by: ICEknight on 28/Jul/2018 02:53:36 AM
After some thought, I think the second idea would be actually the cleanest solution, maybe with full button names so that there would be no conflicts in case that this is eventually implemented for other more complex systems (like N64's directional C buttons and stuff like that). So something like:

Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] B C A X Z Y START MODE          #    Buttons in the order in which they'll be assigned when connected through the USB port (Example: START MODE A B C X Y Z)

I really hope that somebody can implement it sometime...