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Support / Killer Instinct Gold (USA) for N64 overdumps at 16 megabytes
« Last post by zcal on 09/May/2020 04:39:51 PM »
The Retrode 2 overdumps Killer Instinct Gold (USA) at 16 megabytes.  It should dump at 12 megabytes.  No Intro has a record of this overdump in their database at the link below, with the correct dump also listed (dumped by me).

I was able to change the relevant settings in the Retrode's config file to get the game to dump at 12 megabytes, but I'm wondering if this would be considered a bug?  Not sure where else to report it, so I'm posting here.

I'm on firmware v0.25a.
General Discussion / Re: Atari 2600 adaptor
« Last post by The Real Phoenix on 08/May/2020 05:42:54 PM »
The goal is to 3Dprint the same slot as the original like similar to this
This should help to hide the cut on the SNES cart shell.
The two holes on the PCB are here to hold it.
General Discussion / Re: Atari 2600 adaptor
« Last post by Matthias_H on 08/May/2020 01:19:15 PM »
Nice! By the way, the weird outline of the original design serves to unlock the plastic lid of those cartridges. You may need to reintroduce that for smooth insertion.
General Discussion / Atari 2600 adaptor
« Last post by The Real Phoenix on 07/May/2020 12:56:04 AM »
Hi guys.
I made an adaptor from the infos available on the website.
My PCB is design to fit inside any SNES game shell.

Still need to make a part for holding the 2600 cart.
I'll test them and publish when everything is confirm working
Probably not. The wiring of the Retrode plug-in is not modelled after, or compatible to, any other comparable products.
Hey all, it's been almost a decade since I last posted here. Hope everyone's safe and healthy!

I just started looking into SMS games after collecting enough Genesis over the years to be satisfied with what I have.

Bought a Mega SG last year and this nice little adapter can be used to play SMS games.

Ever since I have this I've been wondering if I could pop open the Retrode's case (because it won't fit otherwise) and simply put this on to dump SMS games.

Anyone tried? I'd like to know before attempting anything that could potentially damage the Retrode or the cart itself.
Support / Dumping the 32X BIOS possible?
« Last post by LegionMaster76 on 18/Apr/2020 09:11:21 PM »
Is it possible to dump the BIOS files for the SEGA 32X using the Retrode?
Support / Re: Just got a Retrode; few questions
« Last post by ssokolow on 09/Mar/2020 03:18:10 AM »
Perhaps a Discord or something could benefit the Retrode a lot.

Not everyone can use Discord. If they see you connecting from a "troublesome" IP address or IP range, registration will require you to pair up an SMS number and login to an existing account will be locked out until you pair up an SMS number, even if you switch to a non-troublesome IP range later. For some people, that means their entire country.

I have a Discord account but, as I don't have a smartphone (by choice), I treat it like a Sword of Damocles and warn anyone I interact with on an ongoing basis that I might lose access to my Discord account at any time should a jerk set up shop on my ISP or I accidentally connect through my VPN, and try to arrange backup contact methods.

They explicitly state in their help pages that they will make no exceptions.

Aside from that, I can give a bit of clarification about why those extra lines on the SNES connector aren't necessary.

In short, chips like the SuperFX don't sit in between the ROM and the connector and emulators have to emulate them anyway , so you don't need to interact with them to dump cartridges.

The SA-1 needs a special adaptor because it functions as a CIC lockout chip and also sits between the ROM and the connector, so you need to satisfy it that you're a real SNES before you'll get access to the ROM chips.
My understanding of skaman's design is that the Retrode's microcontroller is just too busy doing other things for it to be feasible to have its firmware also fake the tight timings of a replica CIC conversation and that's why the extended dumping adapter contains dedicated timing sources and a chip programmed as a replica CIC chip. (A PIC, if I remember correctly.)
Support / Re: Just got a Retrode; few questions
« Last post by kdawg on 05/Mar/2020 09:13:05 PM »
Thanks, it will definitely be a challenge.  The youtube video on how to assemble it conveniently skips the hard part of managing 60 semi-loose pins while soldering. :)

If you change your mind on the enhanced adapter files let me know, I'm happy building a read-only adapter as my first priority is to preserve my saves from 20 years ago.
Support / Re: Just got a Retrode; few questions
« Last post by skaman on 05/Mar/2020 08:31:50 PM »
I wish you luck with the VB plugin.  Assembling the pins to form the connector is tough.  I made several and it was always difficult.  I added the extra guide piece to hold the pins in place and that helped a lot.

SNES enhanced adapter files were never released.  I have the files but didn't get around to posting them.  I held off because I've always had in the back of my mind to add SA-1 SRAM writes.  I'd need to add a microcontroller so that may never happen.
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