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Support / Re: Connecting official N64 controllers to Retrode 2
« Last post by RocknRollTim on 27/Jan/2019 11:36:03 AM »
Hi ssokolow,

It couldn't be to do with the fact that I am using Hotmail could it? I have had a lot of problems with Hotmail totally blocking notifications for forums as well as promotional offers from Steam and have had to use my Gmail account instead to get round this type problem.



P.S. I have found another N64 controller adapter that supports rumble pak output and that is the Raphnet N64 to USB v3 which I also purchased a few months ago.
Support / Re: Retrode 2 not recognising N64 plugin
« Last post by RocknRollTim on 27/Jan/2019 11:32:01 AM »
Hi Land95,

Sorry for the very long delay in getting back to you. I managed to get the N64 cart to work with the unit. It turned out to be a bit of dust causing the issue. Goldeneye N64 is the only N64 cart I have got at the moment but will sure to get more N64 carts in time. Firmware version I am currently running is 25a-beta according to the config on the unit.


The most recent Kazzo (now called inlretro) is also an option:
General Discussion / Re: Game Gear SMS Plugin Question
« Last post by newbie2 on 25/Jan/2019 11:22:39 PM »
If anyone sees this in the future and has the same question, just putting the cartridge slot in (and having it flush with the board) worked fine.

Edit: final product

Support / Re: Trouble dumping Star Fox 64
« Last post by Aleron Ives on 25/Jan/2019 01:03:23 AM »
Using a cotton swap with isopropyl alcohol is the only way to get bad carts to read, IME. If even one pin is dirty, you'll get a bad dump.
Support / Re: Certain Games not working
« Last post by MasterOfPuppets on 23/Jan/2019 12:53:30 AM »
The CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 listed are all checksums. Just have the retrode force the ROM size to be 32MB.
General Discussion / Re: Virtual Boy SRAM Support (FW v0.25)
« Last post by skaman on 22/Jan/2019 09:29:00 PM »
Nice work!
Support / Re: Trouble dumping Star Fox 64
« Last post by zcal on 22/Jan/2019 04:29:05 PM »
I haven't tried cleaning the contacts beyond the old blow on it trick (yes, I realize this isn't preferred).  The cart does work fine in my N64, and the contacts look clean on visual inspection.  I can try cleaning them for real if you think it still might make a difference.
Support / Re: Certain Games not working
« Last post by speedyjohnny on 22/Jan/2019 06:58:10 AM »
I followed your instructions. I found this:

Type:    Trusted Dump
   Media Serial (1):    


   Region:    Unknown
   Date:    2008-03-17
   Dumper:    hidden
   Affiliation:    No-Intro
   Datter:    root
   Format:    Default
1964 - Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gba
     Size:    33554432
     CRC32:    772D97FB  [selected]
     MD5:    D369F791D86A969778D2C3A5278D544C
     SHA-1:    8DB73586CDB11B3795907EDEBF43228DBCD3E6B2
     Serial:    -

Which information would be the checksum? And once I verify that they do not match, how can do I fix the ROM?
General Discussion / Re: Virtual Boy SRAM Support (FW v0.25)
« Last post by The Real Phoenix on 22/Jan/2019 04:06:33 AM »
Finally I can post!!!  ;D
I couldn' get the activation message.

So I made a adapter like your Skaman, but I added a HC4053 and a switch so I can change to SRAM to Hyper Fighting:
I put your name and JonY on the PCB since you are both the originals sources for this project.

It works with Red Alarm, I'm waiting a Wario Land. But I can't verify Hyper Fighting.

There's some stuff I could optimize (some traces I keep in a way I could cut them to rewire if needed).
Also for the pins, I need to find a way to copy the original spring-loaded port (someone gave me some pics of the actual VB port.
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